Analyzing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ success

It offers an authentic experience matched only by the next game. And the game after that. And that is exactly what this jewel means to everyone playing it on a regular base; replayability.

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Valve’s battle against the Consoles: the Living Room War (1)

 I've been on fire lately with a neat article on gaming (PUBG) published only yesterday, but I couldn't sit this one out. Valve (the company behind Steam and a ton of successful games) has taken another step in the infamous Living Room War, seeking to take another bite of what traditionally is consoles' territory. The... Continue Reading →

Polygon Attack – An indie review

It's entertaining. It will not survive the ravages of time, obviously, but it probably has been a nice test for the developer to see if his visuals and sounds are on point (which they definitely are). In any case, I (and, I think, the majority) always prefer a short good game to a long average one.

Borderlands – A Humble Review

"Borderlands is a game that's sent to die. It's destined for failure. If people want an RPG, they're going to play Dragon Age. If they want a shooter, they're going to play Call of Duty. Here's a game launching between those two games. It'll never have a chance." - Michael Pachter

Liberty for gamers – Introduction

Whenever a new Grand Theft Auto game is released for the eager gamer community, it usually preludes the return of the still ongoing debate concerning violent video games and its effect on (young) players. The central question usually sounds like "Do violent video games incite violent behaviour?". It has to be said that the occasional... Continue Reading →

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